Cacique´97 featured in “Africa Shines Everywhere”

“Africa Shines Everywhere” is the new compilation by the label Vibration Music. Cacique´97 will featured with the track “Mifolo”, alongside several projects from around the world that play african inspired music. This compilation will be out in France and Belgium .You can listen to a preview here.


Cacique´97 on the top records of 2009!

The debut album of Cacique´97 released in June 2009 has been gathering wonderful reviews all over the world as one of the best of the year!! In Portugal the record is among the Top 20 on the most revered and important newspapers and music blogs:

– Top 10 Record in the newspaper Expresso.

– 16th place on the music newspaper Blitz

– 5th place on the blog Bodyspace

– 4th place on the blog A Trompa

– Top 20 of the best Global Music in KAOS FM in USA

Afrobeat Band From Portugal/Mozambique